Commercial housekeeping in Montreal and surrounding areas

Commercial janitorial

Duo-Éco is aware that a clean and healthy environment of your premises is of some importance in the running of your business. This environment represents you undoubtedly to your customers and your staff. In that spirit, eco-duo therefore strives to provide you with exceptional service that meets through proven methods of magnitudes of quality standards. Our approach in housekeeping issue(see our CONCEPT )), then takes its meaning and everything is implemented for maximum efficiency. In addition, Eco-Duo made sure to provide interventions tailored to your schedule job. Duo-Eco also made sure to provide a great responsiveness to your requests. We remain entirely at your disposal.

Our prices are very affordable and are based on the workload while staying within your budget.

Experience Eco-Duo to your household, you will be all the more satisfied!
Types of businesses we serve: buildings; hotels; offices; shops / businesses; dealers; clinics / health centers; pharmacies; SPA and massage parlors; schools; daycares.

Window cleaning

Need a Window Cleaning Service? Duo Eco-teams trained for this type of service.

Carpet Washing

Carpet Cleaning: Duo-Eco will offer you quality service and solutions to reduce dust caused allergy problems.