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An Environmentally Responsible Company

Duo-Éco At Duo-Éco, we understand the critical importance of a clean and healthy environment for your commercial premises. This environment unquestionably represents your business to both your clientele and your staff. With this in mind, Duo-Éco is committed to providing you with optimal service that adheres to established quality standards. Our approach to commercial housekeeping (see our CONCEPT) truly makes sense, and everything is done to achieve maximum efficiency. Furthermore, Duo-Éco ensures that our interventions are tailored to your work schedule. We also prioritize quick responsiveness to your requests, remaining entirely attentive to your needs.

Our rates remain very affordable and are determined based on the workload, always respecting your budget.

Discover the Duo-Éco difference for your commercial housekeeping needs; you won't be disappointed! Types of businesses we serve: buildings; hotels; offices; retail stores; dealerships; clinics/health centers; pharmacies; spas and massage parlors; schools; daycares.


Window cleaning

Need a Window Cleaning Service? Duo Eco-teams trained for this type of service.

    Carpet Washing

    Carpet Cleaning: Duo-Eco will offer you quality service and solutions to reduce dust caused allergy problems.

      Duo Eco Services

      Optimize your company's efficiency by starting with an immaculate work environment. Request your quote now for superior-quality commercial cleaning.