The quality assurance

Duo-Éco assures you to provide a food quality maintenance service. Our staff is trained to provide a service established according to high quality standards.

Besides Duo-Éco will offer a SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. If you are not satisfied with your housekeeping, Duo-Eco agrees to resume workmanship and, as soon as possible.

For a green footprint

Our concept is reflected in one of its points by environmental awareness. We assure you therefore to provide a certified green housekeeping. The majority of solutions we use are biodegradable, biotechnology and contribute to the respect and preservation of the environment.

Our estimates for the household

Our price estimates for housekeeping are free and in no way binding. It begins with a home visit that has been through cédulée an appointment made. Our team establishes, together with you a personalized work plan which is recorded at the end of the visit.

Price studied

The price for our housekeeping services, we offer you, are studied and very affordable. They are established according to workload which will be allocated and can start for as little as 50 dollars.

A flexible work plan

Therefore clicks the schedule of the household as it was agreed. During the service, we can, at your request, modify certain points of housekeeping program. Know that Eco-Duo does its best to stay to listen.

resolutely green

Concerned about our environment DUO Eco is defined as a green company and as such we use ecological and biodegradable products.

For quality household

Our selected work team is formed to make a housekeeping quality. For example, a color code is used for operations maintenance in order to avoid contamination in the various work sites. Supplies and equipment are provided by Eco DUO. To this, we add tracking sheets to keep a consistent quality of work. In addition, DUO Eco offers a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. In case our interview included workmanship, would commit us to fix it as soon as possible.

An insured peace of mind

In the residential sector, to housekeeping to his home by a team we do not know, may be the generator of stress, especially if the work delivered meets your expectations. Your home is your intimate space, and we understand. Know that DUO Eco is only to make your space more enjoyable life. Our teams are honest, courteous, pleasing and very discreet. In addition, the confidentiality Your privacy is one of the important commitments of our teams. To reassure you even more, we do not require any commitment from you. You can decide to end the housekeeping department at any time and regardless of the reason.

Your assets are protected

Your home is a valuable and important investment. It is even more unique than you give him a sentimental value. Know that DUO Eco strives to maintain your home with care and attention. In addition, DUO Eco is covered by liability insurance for accidents and damage. You can entrust your home with peace of mind.